Aluminium Powders For Explosives
Product Information:

Aluminium powders are used as a sensitizer in the manufacture of explosives. Differenent grades are processed to meet the specific needs of explosives manufacturers. Flake aluminium powders add strength to the slurry explosives, particularly its sensitisation property. Aluminium powder is generally hazardous in nature, but these powders are properly coated with fatty acids and special properties are generated to enhance its safety in handling and even in aqueous medium of different pH.

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Grade Free Al. Purity Wet Sieve Analysis Water Coverage Area Fatty Acid Wettability Bulk Density Particle Size Distribution
% (min.) Retention on 45µm
% (max.)
cm2/gm % (max.) minutes (min) gm/cc D50 (µm)
Test Methods IS-438 ISO 1247 IS-438 IS-438 In House In House Sympatec (Helos BF/BR - Magic)
LDS 89 14 5000 TO 9000 4 10 0.20 ± 0.02 15 - 20
SDS 88 12 9000 TO 12000 4 10 0.20 ± 0.02 13 - 18