Aluminium Pellets
Product Information:

Fine flake aluminium powder (leafing grade) in dusty form creates several problems during handling and hence it is pelletized (dust free) to make it suitable in master batch preparation. Pellets have longer shelf life and good dispersibility. Pellets offer excellent metal effect, adhesion and hiding power and have superior sparkle and brilliance..

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Grade Avg. Particle Size µm Carrier Type (Honeywell / BASF/ Clariant) Carrier Content (%) Form
Test Method Sympatec (Helos BF/BR - Magic) ----- ----- -----
MMPEL PEW-012 15 TO 25 PE Wax 15 (±5) Pellet
MMPEL PEW-020 12 TO 20 PE Wax 15 (±5) Pellet

Average particle size is measured before conversion to final product.
Pellets of D50 size 22, 28, 54 (leafing) can be produced on customers request.
Pellets of non-leafing flakes may also be offered at customers request.