Aluminum Powders
Aluminium Powders for Aerated Concrete Milled flake aluminium powder is specially produced for adding into the aqueous alkaline slurry to evolve hydrogen gas bubbles in the making of light weight AAC Blocks.(Read more)
Aluminium Powders for AAC Milled flake aluminium powder is mixed with solvent (Diethylene glycol- DEG) to make it dust free. (Read more)
Aluminium Powders for Phosphide Coarse grade of flake aluminium powder is non-ignitable and with controlled fatty acid content. (Read more)
Aluminium Powders for Explosives Aluminium powders are used as a sensitizer in the manufacture of explosives. (Read more)
Aluminium Powders for Pyrotechnic (Flake) Milled flake aluminium powder is used in manufacture of fancy and sound firecrackers. (Read more)
Aluminium Powders for Atomised High purity aluminium (99.7%) ingots are molten in furnace and molten aluminium is sprayed with compressed air (Read more)
Aluminium Powders Leafing Atomised aluminium powder is wet milled and vacuum dried to be used as (Read more)
Aluminium Pellets Fine flake aluminium powder (leafing grade) in dusty form creates several problems during handling and hence it is pelletized (dust free) (Read more)