Aluminium Powders For Phosphide
Product Information:

Coarse grade of flake aluminium powder is non-ignitable and with controlled fatty acid content. It reacts with phosphorus in the production of aluminium phosphide (used as fumigant in the grain storage godowns).

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Grade Free Al. Purity Wet Sieve Analysis Water Coverage Area Fatty Acid Apparent Density Particle Size Distribution
%(min.) Retention on 45µm % (max) cm2/gm % (max.) gm/cc D50 (µm)
Test Methods IS 438 ISO 1247 IS 438 IS 438 In House Sympatec (Helos BF/BR - Magic)
ALPHOS - U 94.0 55 TO 65 2500 To 4500 1.0 0.28-0.35 70-75
ALPHOS - S 93.5 55 TO 65 2000 To 5000 3.0 0.30-0.40 70-75

Wet sieving with mineral spirit as rinsing liquid.