Aluminium Pastes For AAC
Product Information:

Milled flake aluminium powder is mixed with solvent (Diethylene glycol- DEG) to make it dust free. This paste is miscible in water and is added into the aqueous alkaline slurry to evolve hydrogen gas bubbles in the making of light weight AAC Blocks. Different grades of Pastes are processed with a specific attention to the size of bubbles formed and rate of evolution of H2 gas to suit individual customer's requirement.

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Grade Free Al. Purity
% (min.)
**Particle Size Distribution D50 (µm) H2 Gas Evolution at 25°C in 16 MIN. Wet Sieve Analysis Recommended for AAC Block Density
After Extraction After Extraction in cc (Retention on 45 µm % ) (kgs/m3)
Test Methods In House Sympatec (Helos BF/BR - Magic) In House ISO 1247 ----
MMP - C80C PZ 92 33 TO 36 56 (Min) 20 % (Max) 400-500
MMP - C80CP 92 33 TO 36 70 (Min) 20 % (Max) 400-500
MMP - C75PP 92 42 TO 44 60 (Min) 40 % (Max) 500-600

Aluminium paste can be offered with different solvents & solvent contents
Wet sieving with acetone as rinsing liquid
**Values before conversion into paste